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Creamy Berry Shake

Today, I tossed in some tofu instead of protein powder.

1 1/2 c carrot juice blend from yesterday

1/2 pound baby spinach

1 pound silken tofu (I use fresh stuff from the Asian market)

1c frozen mixed berries.

berry shake

Ugli, but good!


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Twilight Shake

This one is a lovely crimson color. Blood red, hence Twilight Shake. Ask your teenaged daughter to explain.

I had to make some juice this morning. I juiced 6 carrots, 4 kiwi, and 2 apples. from this:

juicing ingredients

to this:

juice and pulp

The recipe:

2 c carrot juice blend

Juice of 1 lime

2 heads of Romaine lettuce

1 c frozen cherries

2 servings of protein powder

Blend ‘er up. You can always swap in a different green. I really like baby spinach best, but try to vary my diet a bit. I find romaine to have a slightly fluffy texture that I’m not wild about. But maybe it will make your heart sing.

twilight shake

Start your day drinking out of a beer glass and your day only gets better.

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To make a good smoothie, you’ll at least need a good, strong blender.  I settled on a Kitchen Aid about 9 years back.  Blender review fiends can see my difficulties on epinions–username DWG (it’s true, I’m a total attention whore, but who doesn’t need to know what I thought of Dragontales in 1999?).  It has a nice strong motor and is easy to clean.   And, apparently it comes in pink, so go get one:

kitchenaid blender pink
All the true believers use the VitaMix, though:

The nominator

Apparently, it noms things in seconds–bricks to dust with the push of a button.  It does not, however, come in pink.  Having the VM means you won’t need one of these, though:

omega 8003

(I love when they’re photographed in the wild like that) This is how I get my carrots, beets, and older kale in shape for the blender.  As I show in the Basic Smoothie post, there is a lot of pulp left over and you sure don’t want to just drink juice b/c you’d get no fiber.  It’s a really good juicer that we got so that we could make soymilk.  Turns out you can just buy that stuff in the store, though.  It also makes pasta, according to its publicist, but I’ve not gone down that path.  But when you take it apart, you can see how fun it can be…

bong and dildo attachment

Clearly, that’s a party waiting to happen.  You’ll need that green smoothie energy!

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Shamrock Shake

First, to the doubters–I SWEAR they taste good. I am no health martyr, if it doesn’t taste good, I ain’t eatin’ it. And Steve is even worse and he loves these things. But just so you don’t run away, here’s a pretty one.

luck o' the Irish!

1 can of pineapple and its juice –of course fresh is better, but who am I kidding?

about 1/2 t fresh grated ginger*

15 mint leaves

1/2 pound spinach

juice of 1/2 lemon

2 servings protein powder of choice

water or juice if needed for making it less sludgy.

This one is bright tasting, with a bit of zing from the ginger

*tip for fresh ginger–buy a chunk of ginger root and toss it in the freezer (in an airtight bag or container). It grates very easily when frozen, just use a microplane grater or wee parmesan grater.

Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!

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Sunshine smoothie

Today I was out of carrots, so I couldn’t do any juicing. I did, however, have some oj in the fridge. Hence, today’s recipe:

1 1/2 c orange juice

1/2 pound baby spinach

1 banana

1 c frozen strawberries

2 servings protein powder of choice (I used the Soy-Free Naturade again)

Blend and serve 2

breakfast stout

Breakfast stout! With a few grains of dried rice on the side if you’re lucky.

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Your basic green smoothie

I’m going to jump right in and make a smoothie–I’m starvin’! I’ll go back and fill you in on all the hardware and software in a later post and I’ll try to save those posts to the sidebar for later use. WordPress willing.

I don’t like my shake to have a lot of texture, so I run the more fibrous food through the juicer first. If you have the VitaMix, you can just toss everything in there, but I image most folks are working without that equipment. If, like most people, you also don’t have a juicer AND you hate strings and chunks in your beverages (don’t drink the trashcan punch at a frat party, for one thing), you can pre-purchase carrot juice to start yourself off. But check Goodwill and Craigslist or save your pennies for a juicer. Anyway, the juice:

Omega juicer

This is The Juicing. There’s some lacinato kale in the shoot, carrot and kale juices mingle in the bucket. I try to make enough juice for two days at once. Any longer and you start to lose nutrients; any more often and you start to lose patience. that’s about 3 or 4 big ol’ carrots from the Big Ole Bag O’Carrots (organic) at Costco. Organic carrots taste better, or at least have a much better soapy to tasty ratio than conventional carrots.


Mmmm….waste. This is the leavings from those carrots, about 6 leaves of kale, and 3 kiwis. I’m sure that more pioneering spirits dry this stuff out and ground it into flour or something, but I just decided to start a compost pile. that’s where it goes.

green juice

All mixed up, you get a nice, bright green. Pour about a cup and a half into the blender jar (this is for two big smoothies).

help us, wer'e trapped!

Now, fill that blender jar with baby spinach (much more tender and mild than when it gets old and obstreperous), and start it on low, working up to a high speed.

Oh the spinachanity!

Now fill it up AGAIN! This should take about a half a pound of baby spinach. So buy the big bags. And then go plant some out back.

At last we get to the part that makes it Ugli.

add dem berries

See that lovely bright green? It doesn’t mix all that well with the bright red frozen strawberries I add for sweetness, berry goodness, and a bit of cold. Room temp smoothies are ick. I toss in a couple handsful (this is a very scientific blog, you see).

Also, we add the protein powder. I used several different kids and we’ll get to that. Be patient. Geez. Here I’m using Naturade Soy-Free Veg b/c I had been getting a lot of soy in the rest of my diet and needed to scale back somewhere. And see, it’s turning brown. Mmmm. Puce is the best color for food.

protein boost

Pour into glasses, pop in a straw (it’s SO much better with a straw. Really), and enjoy. More, uglier, shakes to come.

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Maybe you should just close your eyes…

I thought about calling these “Smoothies for the blind,” but didn’t need the extra email should I outrage someone. I once thrived on outrage. Those days have passed.

I started this blog as a place for me to record good smoothie combos so I can remember them, but also to share with anyone else who might be utterly baffled by the notion of a “green smoothie.” Lord knows I was. I started on Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat To Live diet in February of 2008 hoping to drop some weight and feel healthy again.  It’s working on both counts.  I used to neeeed a nap everyday.  Now I don’t, so woo-hah.  On this diet, every morning, I have a green smoothie of some sort for breakfast, a trough of salad for lunch, and a very low-fat, vegan-or-darn-close dinner, and no snacks.  I thought it would be impossible, as I am a gal who likes food.  Buttered bread and/or cookies in particular.  It’s working out, though, and feeling so much better is the main reason I can stick with it.  Even if you don’t drink ALL the Kool-Aid (unsugared please), you might give a breakfast smoothie a try.  It gets me going and keeps me feeling full until well after noon.  Or, just browse the site and mock the hideous, hideous food that some people manage to choke down.

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