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Software: Protein Powder

Not everyone does it, but need a bit of protein powder in my smoothies.  If I don’t have it, I find that the sugars in it make me shaky AND I hungry much sooner.  I rotate my powders around to keep my metabolism on its toes and to keep from being bored.  My big two are both by Naturade, one is 100% Soy and the other is “Soy Free Veg.”  The soy has the least taste, but I try not to get too much soy, so I switch it up.

You can get the nutritional info on them here.

Occasionally, I use Nature’s Plus Source of Life:

It’s more supplementy with all manner of vitamins and such in it.  It also contains sugar and a “granola” flavor, so I only use it if I’m not expecting to get a lot of good food…or when the base of my smoothie is kinda nasty and I need to mask the flavor.  Link to this stuff is here.

Sometimes, when I just don’t have any greens in the house or anything but an apple and a banana, I use this stuff:

It has utterly whack-job Dr. Bronner style packaging, but seems like good stuff and it holds me until lunch, too.  Here’s the link.


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Don’t try this at home.

Or, perhaps, Serious Professionals Only.

I’d juiced 6 carrots and a mango. I went to get me greens. But alas! There are none! I have spring mix, which is riddled with bitter radiccio and frissee. And I had arugula. Mmm….okay….I’ll try it with the arugula, which is not bitter, but has a very distinct taste. And odor. I toss in the juice, the arugula, a banana (bananas’ll mask anything, right?), some frozen strawberries, and soy powder. Not only was it one of the most Do-Not-Eat colors I’d produced, it has a VERY strong arugula smell. Must use a straw with this one. A very long straw. The taste? peppery. I’m sure that I could work up a flavor combo that this would complement–perhaps a gazpacho smoothie–but this is not it. Waste of a good mango. I drank it, though. That’s just how far gone I am. But there is still time to save yourselves! Before you know it, I’ll be dumping beans in these babies…so strap in. Or run. Whichever.


It’s browner in person. But it totally matches my blog!

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Where’s the rum? smoothie

Mmm…this one was good. And a lovely Army green.

juice of one young coconut

juice of (use the juicer for this): 4 carrots, 1 apple, 1 mango

1/2 c frozen raspberries

1/2 c crushed pineapple

1/2 lb spinach

2 servings protein powder (I used soy protein)

tropical smoothie


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