What’s all this then?

I thought about calling these “Smoothies for the blind,” but didn’t need the extra email should I outrage someone. I once thrived on outrage. Those days have passed.

I started this blog as a place for me to record good smoothie combos so I can remember them, but also to share with anyone else who might be utterly baffled by the notion of a “green smoothie.” Lord knows I was. I started on Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat To Live diet in February of 2008 hoping to drop some weight and feel healthy again.  It’s working on both counts.  I used to neeeed a nap everyday.  Now I don’t, so woo-hah.  On this diet, every morning, I have a green smoothie of some sort for breakfast, a trough of salad for lunch, and a very low-fat, vegan-or-darn-close dinner, and no snacks.  I thought it would be impossible, as I am a gal who likes food.  Buttered bread and/or cookies in particular.  It’s working out, though, and feeling so much better is the main reason I can stick with it.  Even if you don’t drink ALL the Kool-Aid (unsugared please), you might give a breakfast smoothie a try.  It gets me going and keeps me feeling full until well after noon.  Or, just browse the site and mock the hideous, hideous food that some people manage to choke down.


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