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But what ELSE do you eat?

I’ve started a local food blog.  Non-Frederick residents won’t care about the restaurant reviews or alerts about good deals at the co-op, but I’ll also post recipes for yummy things and you may care about that.  Check it out:

More Food!


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New discovery!

Oh people, I’ve discovered cacao nibs!  They’re some sort of superfood, all full of antioxidants and flavinoids or kryptonite, or something.  Dunno.  But look what you can do:

pile o’ greens (I used spinach)

10 mint leaves

Tbs. cacao nibs

vanilla rice protein powder (I have new powders to share with you…later)

an apple

water needed to blend

Cranked the ol’ VitaMix up to High (it has no 11) and YUM.  Mint chocolate goodness. AND it was kinda pretty.  A shamrock green.

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To make a good smoothie, you’ll at least need a good, strong blender.  I settled on a Kitchen Aid about 9 years back.  Blender review fiends can see my difficulties on epinions–username DWG (it’s true, I’m a total attention whore, but who doesn’t need to know what I thought of Dragontales in 1999?).  It has a nice strong motor and is easy to clean.   And, apparently it comes in pink, so go get one:

kitchenaid blender pink
All the true believers use the VitaMix, though:

The nominator

Apparently, it noms things in seconds–bricks to dust with the push of a button.  It does not, however, come in pink.  Having the VM means you won’t need one of these, though:

omega 8003

(I love when they’re photographed in the wild like that) This is how I get my carrots, beets, and older kale in shape for the blender.  As I show in the Basic Smoothie post, there is a lot of pulp left over and you sure don’t want to just drink juice b/c you’d get no fiber.  It’s a really good juicer that we got so that we could make soymilk.  Turns out you can just buy that stuff in the store, though.  It also makes pasta, according to its publicist, but I’ve not gone down that path.  But when you take it apart, you can see how fun it can be…

bong and dildo attachment

Clearly, that’s a party waiting to happen.  You’ll need that green smoothie energy!

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Maybe you should just close your eyes…

I thought about calling these “Smoothies for the blind,” but didn’t need the extra email should I outrage someone. I once thrived on outrage. Those days have passed.

I started this blog as a place for me to record good smoothie combos so I can remember them, but also to share with anyone else who might be utterly baffled by the notion of a “green smoothie.” Lord knows I was. I started on Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat To Live diet in February of 2008 hoping to drop some weight and feel healthy again.  It’s working on both counts.  I used to neeeed a nap everyday.  Now I don’t, so woo-hah.  On this diet, every morning, I have a green smoothie of some sort for breakfast, a trough of salad for lunch, and a very low-fat, vegan-or-darn-close dinner, and no snacks.  I thought it would be impossible, as I am a gal who likes food.  Buttered bread and/or cookies in particular.  It’s working out, though, and feeling so much better is the main reason I can stick with it.  Even if you don’t drink ALL the Kool-Aid (unsugared please), you might give a breakfast smoothie a try.  It gets me going and keeps me feeling full until well after noon.  Or, just browse the site and mock the hideous, hideous food that some people manage to choke down.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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